Certified NLP Master Practitioner 2019

21st-27th October

19th-24th of November



Internationally Recognised NLP Certification

Learn new skills that can make a real difference to the results you get

  • Learn how to model the best professionals in your field of work

  • Acquire remarkable communication skills

  • Learn how to design and conduct a Breaking Through Session - Market price from £400 to £5,000

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Your Certified NLP Master Practitioner

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Accredited by the Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming (ANLP)


NLP Master Practitioner 

21st-27th October

19th-24th of November

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£3,997.00  to £2,997.00 

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What is an accredited NLP Master Practitioner?


Take your knowledge and understanding of NLP to new levels by learning even more practical ways of applying NLP and learning many new tools, including advanced language skills.

On this course upon will gain greater understanding of how you operate, patterns you run and how to change these patterns if they are unresourceful. Learn how to structure coaching sessions, how to model excellence and integrate it into your own life and how to craft powerful tools that you can market to the business community. Discover advanced language patterns, overcome presentation anxiety and how to work with limiting beliefs. Gain a greater understanding of your own identity and how to realise your full potential.


What will I Learn on an NLP Master Practitioner?


You will learn advanced Language skills, Break through Session structure, how to model excellence. These are the skills that you can use with yourself and also clients and friends to make a significant difference to how you communicate and the results you get. These are hands-on practical tools. For more information on the program contents, see the NLP Master Practitioner Program Contents.


Why Choose NLP Dynamics to Learn my NLP with?


NLP Dynamics are one of the most reputable and ethical NLP companies in the UK. Ethics and good practice are at the heart of all NLP Dynamics training. We know our NLP too. The company has two in-house certified Master Trainers of NLP, with experience of applying NLP in personal and professional environments. We have taken NLP into some of the most prestigious organisations in the world. We continue to deliver NLP coaching and training In £ multi-billion turnover companies. We have case studies showing the enormous impact NLP-based solutions have had in almost every sector, personally and professionally. We don't just teach, we practice! We don't just practice, we innovate!


Perhaps, most importantly, we believe passionately in the power of human potential and it is our mission to make these incredible tools available to all. 


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Program Contents


This course will not only expand and deepen your knowledge and understanding of NLP, it will also provide the background and skill necessary for those that wish to become NLP trainers, to be fully prepared to go on to Trainers Training. No other NLP Master Practitioner course will give you the depth of language skills that this course will give you.

We will provide you with all the materials you need and pre/post-course assistance. 

Program Contents

Daily Schedule

Study Guide and Learning Tips

Study Guide and What To Bring


We will provide you with an NLP Practitioner Study Guide. Please remember, a study guide is just that, a guide or reference; it is not the course. We collectively and our interactions, will constitute the course.


Some tips: 


It is wise to approach a program such as this with a desire to play and explore. Coming to the course to simply re-enforce what we already know will create filters that block the learning experience and ultimately is counter-productive. We suggest that a 'know-nothing state' (to quote NLP co-creator John Grinder), is a far more beneficial approach. Who knows what new things are present in the old and familiar?!


We also encourage you to be open and throw yourself into the experience with active curiosity and a desire to explore and experience. NLP is not a spectator sport! What we get from a physical, kinaesthetic experience can never be learned from words on a page. You will find the team and fellow participants very supportive and the environment a safe one full of mutual respect. 


We will follow the methodology of learning by a combination of:

  • Thinking
  • Doing
  • Reflecting
  • Applying

We wish you a fun-filled, deeply profound and practical learning experience!


The NLP Dynamics Team

  • The Most Engaging Trainers in the NLP Field

    NLP Dynamics is proud to have two Certified Master Trainers of NLP, both of whom trained with NLP Co-Creator, John Grinder.

  • Community

    As our former students will verify, we are a community, not just a training organisation. 

  • Creativity at the Heart of all we do

    We don't train like other companies....we blend drama, NLP and Neuroscience to give you an incredible journey

  • Your development!

    We believe in helping you develop. Come back, assist, re-embed.

Marbella Retreat, May 2018

Our last retreat was in May, when we certified new NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners. Big thanks to all who took part, both attendees and our wonderful group of NLP trainers!


In this video from Marbella, NLP Master Trainer John Thompson guides the group through the power of metaphor and influential language.

... This course was Priceless ...


Adele King

Coach and Certified NLP Practitioner