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  • Complete your NLP journey, join an exclusive group and take your personal and professional development to new heights 

  • Create a new business opportunity - pass on these skills: Certify NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners

  • Study with one of the U.K.'s Leading Presentation Skills and Personal Impact coaches

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NLP Trainers Training Spring 2020

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Retreat in the Sun!


We have been running our NLP training courses at one of our villa locations for the last two years. Take the opportunity to surround yourself with beautiful weather (usually!) and breath-taking scenery. reconnect, reflect and realign in tranquil surroundings while acquiring these life and potentially career changing skills.

The training team for 2020 includes NLP Master Trainers Steve Payne and John Thompson, with Douglas De Souza. 

  • Passionate Trainers about NLP

    NLP Dynamics is proud to have two Certified Master Trainers of NLP, both of whom trained with NLP Co-Creator, John Grinder.

    The most engaging Trainers you can find in the NLP Field 

  • Community

    As our former students will verify, we are a community, not just a training organisation. 

  • Creativity at the Heart of all

    we do

    We don't train like other companies....we blend drama, NLP and Neuroscience to give you an incredible journey.


  • Your development!

    We believe in helping you develop. Come back and deepen your knowledge and experience.

Marbella Retreat, May 2018

​Our last retreat was in May, when we certified new NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners. Big thanks to all who took part, both attendees and our wonderful group of NLP trainers!


In this video from Marbella, NLP Master Trainer John Thompson guides the group through the power of metaphor and influential language.


** Flights, meals and Accommodation not included in the price above.

Course Contents


The course will be challenging and stretch you beyond where you currently believe your boundaries to be. It will be an intensive and rewarding experience. Our intention is to guide you and give you what you need so that you can surpass the standards required to be a certified Trainer of NLP. All we require is your focus and commitment to be the best you can be. This will be one of the most rewarding experiences you are likely to have.

We will provide you with all the materials you need and pre-course assistance to get you where you need to be before you start. We support you all the way with a TT Helpdesk, webinar, email and phone support.

Module 1: Advanced Presentation Skills 



    Public Speaking, Presentation Skills and Personal Impact


    This is one of the most outstanding presentation skills courses available, taught by a presentation skills experts who, as well as being a hugely experienced trainer, has also trained and worked at one of the most prestigious performance institutes in the world, the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. This  course blends together skills not usually taught in standard public speaking and presentation skills courses, skills honed from the performance arts and neuroscience.


    NLP Dynamics Trainers Training offers a unique depth of presentation skills knowledge and technical skills to help you become the very best presenter and public speaker that you can be!


    Topics covered include:


    Technical skills, Authenticity & Creativity


    • How to breathe to develop vocal power and flexibility
    • How to develop your tonal range
    • How to develop greater vocal clarity to be clearly understood
    • How to protect the voice and avoid straining the vocal chords
    • How to use the voice to evoke states in your audience
    • How to use breathing to maintain your trainer state and eliminate unhelpful nerves
    • How to use your physiology for greater impact
    • Stage anchoring
    • Group dynamics and recruiting unconscious leaders in the audience
    • How to find and release your true voice
    • How to connect, engage, motivate, and inspire your audience
    • How to excel in the art of storytelling and the use of metaphor
    • How to read and incorporate your audience’s learning styles
    • How to have a structure and be in unconscious flow
    • How to find passion in everything you present
    • How to utilise the power of language
    • How to understand the question behind the question
    • How to set vocal and physical anchors
    • How to set up feedback loops
    • Chunking information
    • Setting up nested loops
    • Taking your lead from the audience

Module 2: NLP Trainers Skills 

Module 3: Evaluation

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Francesca Monaco

Marketer and Certified NLP Trainer